Halloween Weekend in Chicago

It is finally here! All the Halloween costumes are ready and the giant bowl of candy has already been snacked on all month long. (Or since August, when it showed up in the supermarket and Walgreens isles.)  

Halloween weekend in Chicago is right around the corner, and there is a lot more to do this year with the holiday falling on a weekend. I have information below on some lists of places to go and things to do in Chicago to get the full, twoday Halloween experience. One note of caution though: It will be cold! We have had evenings in the 30′s the last few days, so while the daytime may be in the 50′s the nights will be very cold. Bundle up if you plan on being outside trick-or-treating or going to and from parties. 

  • The list of Chicago Park District Events. Maybe some kid friendly activities right in your own backyard? 
  • The Freaky Scary Movie List from Chicagoist. If scary is more your Halloween than sweet. And yes, Rocky Horror Picture Show is on the list. 
  • Navy Fear at Navy Pier. It is a ways out there to drive or connect via bus, but they’ve done the haunted house thing on Navy Pier this year. 
  • Zombie-tastic Six Flags Fright Fest is happening if you like haunted houses and stomach tossing rides all at the same time. 
  • The Top 10 Haunted Houses listed this year by HauntedHousesChicago.com on a map. Kind of a difficult site to read, thank goodness for Google Maps. 
  • Some last minute clever yet simple Halloween Costume Ideas for those of us that are procrastinators and don’t want to spend $100 on a costume this year or be a Chilean Miner.  

Have a fun and SAFE Halloween this year!  Remember to keep your cats and dogs indoors and away from anyone playing pranks and use battery powered lights in pumpkins and never use real flame or candles in them because of the risk of fires. 

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