Things to do in Chicago in January

January is a cold and somewhat dark month in Chicago with plenty of snow, sleet and temperatures below 32 degrees (Fahrenheit). If you plan on traveling to Chicago bring some warm sweaters and a warm coat. If you plan on coming in to the city of Chicago from the nearby suburbs for some fun events, here is a list of things to do in Chicago this January. I hope the new year is good to you and to everyone.

  1. Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. This event is hilarious because pretty much any of the 152 shows you decide on will bring experienced performers to the stage. Prepare for cutting edge comedy. The only problem with this event is the venue. The crowds have grown a lot and the seating has not. Do not go to the Sketch Comedy festival on a Friday or Saturday night, as it is beyond packed and do not expect to find parking within a 1/2 hour of your show because that is impossible.
  2. Chicago Boat & RV Show. This is a regular classic in Chicago events. In the middle of January you start thinking ahead to the summer when the camping and boating season returns in the Midwest. Many people just go to observe the new cool stuff on display at the Chicago Boat & RV Show since the economy is not doing as well and people don’t have as much extra income for fun stuff like boats. But it can still be a fun day to take the family to McCormick Place and think about when it will be warm in Chicago again. January 12-16th.
  3. Chinese New Year Celebrations. You may have just picked up the streamers from the New Years Eve parties in your home, but Chinese New Year brings a whole different set of events. In Chinatown they have a parade and lots of food and celebrations happening around the new year.
  4. Chicago White Sox Fest. At the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago the yearly meet and greet for fans of the Chicago White Sox is January 22-24. 9am to 4 pm. Come see all the players in person and get psyched for the season. You can find out more details at
  5. Skating at the top of the John Hancock Building. This is new and old at the same time. Apparently there has been a temporary promotional ice rink up in the John Hancock observatory before. They’ve brought it back and you too can skate with a view of the entire city at 875 N. Michigan Avenue on the 94th floor.

Have a great January and stay warm!

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