Chicago is a Technology Driven City

laptop computer, chicago technology innovation, business, new, silicon prarie, midwest, inspiration, geeky, funI have been a technophile for many years. In fact I often say I am addicted to the internet in a good way. In Chicago this is not unusual though. This city of former livestock, fire and manufacturing glory is metamorphisizing into a midwestern technological oasis. More young people are living and working the digital dream in Chicago than ever before. I might just be one of them.

I have always been fascinated by discovering what information is out there online, how I can learn more about the interests I am passionate about and what all this information means. This means I spend an enormous of time online. Sometimes between my day job and my blogging habit I am online 12+ hours a day. The national average is about 3 hours.

This means that all my computers and my internet connection are very important to me. Luckily both are pretty stable and some cloud computing helps bridge the gap between places I am located.

Yes, I have several home and business desktop computers and my Fiance’s place there are too many to count. We are looking at setting up a network in our home at some point too. My dell laptop has been a faithful companion over the last 4 years and is still going strong.

Keeping up with the events in Chicago was something that I tried to do personally and then started this blog to write about and the tools I use for it are all online. I sometimes hear about something on the radio or TV and blog about it but usually I am doing all my research online. In this day and age most people research everything from home purchases to their next job online with the help of the Google guys. The affordability of personal computers made all this possible and I am always surprised to see them advertised for as low as they are these days. ($500 now vs $2000 when I was in HS)  And with free wordpress software everyone can have a voice on the internet.

I am also inspired by the new developments that come out every year in gadgets and computers too. I am really wanting a new smart phone that can photograph things I see as they happen in Chicago and then post it directly to the blog online, but I am not quite ready for the financial committment when I am in the middle of planing a wedding. Maybe someone will be kind enough to get us a smartphone for our wedding gift?

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One Response to Chicago is a Technology Driven City

  1. DegreeGirl says:

    Chicago has always been in the forefront of business and being on the cutting edge in technology is fitting considering the city’s heritage. You’re right; today almost everyone in our bracket (young professionals) has multiple computers and does almost everything on the internet. Thank goodness we’re in a city that supports our “habit”; imagine how horrible it would be if we got transferred to some isolated place on the prairie or in the mountains!