Chicago now has 2 Christmas Music Radio Stations

christmas, music, radio, station, chicago, newsIn Chicago there are now 2 radio stations that play Christmas Music non-stop from November 3rd until December 31st. They both are getting rid of DJs and the regular formats in favor of all Christmas Carols and Holiday Music all the time for the next 2 months. I heard about this on the news but then in my car listening to the radio yesterday found that one of them is in my presets and was playing White Christmas as I was driving.

The 2 radio stations playing the non-stop Christmas music are 93.9 FM WLIT “The Light” and 105.9 WCKG owned by CBS. The latter is a new entry into this market and I think they realized that people go do other things for the holidays and with family this time of year and they don’t listen anyway, so it’s cheaper to give the staff a long unpaid vacation and just play Christmas music on the radio with a computer. I can’t say I blame them, and the ads still run so they still make revenue during this time just without a DJ. 

christmas radio station in chicago, news, christmas music, christmas songs, singing, classicsI like Christmas music as much as the next Bing Crosby but isn’t this a little soon? Putting away presents early in the closet is one thing, but decking the halls 2 months in advance is a little scary. I will keep note of this info for future radio listening in December when I am wrapping presents and decorating the tree at their regularly scheduled holiday time.

When it is Christmas week or even earlier in December it is a welcoming and comforting thing to have Christmas carols playing on the radio and listen when I am in the car or at home in the evenings. I never ceases to amaze me how many thousands of Christmas songs have been recorded over the years. Some are old favorites that we hear all the time, but then there are really obscure ones too that I can’t imagine why someone wrote it or recorded the song. I think they must have the popular Christmas carols and songs in rotation on the radio stations more than the obscure ones.

But that isn’t the end of it really, I just saw someone putting Christmas Lights up outside on their house this weekend too. These are the people who celebrate Christmas in July too right?

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3 Responses to Chicago now has 2 Christmas Music Radio Stations

  1. Kevin says:

    WLIT is 93.9 FM, not 93.5 FM. WRHS-FM 89.7 FM in Norridge, Illinois beat WLIT and WCKG at playing holiday music. They began on Thursday, October 5th.

  2. Thanks for the correction and the tip on the 3rd station I did not know about. Good info!

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